Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are produced worldwide. Over time, breeders have carefully introduced specific traits into crops to enhance characteristics such as yield and disease resistance. In regions where GMO-free certificates are required to export or import genetic material, our ISO 17025 SANAS accredited laboratory is able to assist with reliable testing for commercially available traits/events. Using the latest technology, we offer high throughput, high quality GMO testing within short turnaround times.

A rush fee is applicable for GMO results required within 24 hours of submission (Monday to Friday, maximum 10 samples).

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative detection of the unintentional presence of GM material and other agricultural commodities in food, feed or seed

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative detection of the amount of GMO present in a sample

Event/Trait Identification and Quantification

Detection and quantification of specific GM events/traits

Commodity Identification

Identification of commodities in food or feed

Trait Purity

Determination of the purity of a GM trait in a sample


Producers, processors, distributors and retailers in the food industry constantly face the challenge of meeting ever-changing hygiene standards. In addition to this challenge, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of product quality. Our team at SciCorp Laboratories can act as advisors who understand the requirements and complexities of the industry, and are willing to assist you in the fastest most accurate way possible.

Rapid Microbiology

Qualitative screening of Listeria monocytogenes as well as Listeria spp. in different food matrices and environmental samples. Range will expand to include all major foodborne pathogens


Qualitative and quantitative detection of mycotoxins in food and feed samples


Qualitative and quantitative detection of mycotoxins in food and feed samples

Meat Adulteration

Qualitative and quantitative detection of meat samples for contamination of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, horse etc.

Honey Authenticity

Screening of honey


Chemical analyses include pesticide residue (MRL) analysis in partnership with Eurofins Dr. Specht Laboratorien, an internationally accredited (ISO/EC 17025) facility in Hamburg, Germany. Other chemical analyses include active ingredient analysis, seed loading, dust-off testing, 5-Batch analysis, and long- and short-term storability, all customised to your specific needs.

Seed Loading

Determination of the amount of active ingredient on coated/treated seed (bulk or per seed)

Heubach Dust-off Testing

Determination of the amount of dust generated from coated/treated seed

Seed Adhesion Studies

Treatment of seed (according to clients’ specifications) followed by Heubach Dust-off testing and a Seed Loading analysis

Residue Analysis (MRLs)

Detection and/or quantification of pesticide residues on plants, seed, feed or food

Preferred partner of Eurofins Dr. Specht – ISO 17025 accredited

Active Ingredient Analysis

Detection and/or quantification of active ingredients on plants, seed, feed or food

5-Batch Analysis

Chemical Analysis of chemical compounds for registration purposes


SciCorp Laboratories offers seed testing from Pietermaritzburg, as well as our satellite facility in Pretoria, but samples can also be submitted at our sales office in Brackenfell. Our senior seed analysts have more than 30 years’ experience and will perform your tests according to ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) rules. Tests include purity, germination, viability, moisture and accelerated aging.

Purity Analysis

Percentage composition by weight of pure seed and other or inert matter

Other Seeds (Contamination)

Determination of seeds of other species in a sample to determine the presence of noxious or undesirable species


Determination of the germination potential of a seed lot

Viability (Tetrazolium)

Estimate the viability of a seed sample, especially those showing dormancy

Moisture (Oven method)

Determination of moisture content

Weight Determination

Determine the weight of 1000 pure seeds of the seed sample


To provide information regarding the planting value in different environments or storage potential of seed lots and to assist in the differentiation of seed lots of acceptable germination


By using molecular techniques, the timelines and efficiency of traditional breeding can be greatly enhanced. Genetic Purity (true to type) of parental lines and hybrids are performed using Ultra-thin layer Isoelectric Focusing, which can include the determination of selfing, off-types and segregation as well as for variety comparisons.

Specific DNA molecular markers are also used for accurate identification of, for example homozygous resistant, heterozygous or susceptible individuals within a breeding program.

Information generated through DNA genotyping outlines the genetic relatedness of different samples. Genotyping is performed using microsatellite markers.

Genetic Hybrid Purity

Determination of purity of hybrid seed

Parental/inbred Homogeneity

Determination of the level of stability in inbred seed material

Variety Comparison

Comparing the protein and/or DNA profiles of varieties


Determination of genetic relatedness

Marker Assisted Selection (MAS)

Selection of individual plants for desired traits

Trait Purity

Determination of the purity of a GM trait in a sample

General Diagnostics

Diagnosis of selected plant pathogens


We offer professional consulting services throughout the agricultural, food and feed industries. We can perform contract research, method development and data analysis in the areas of plant breeding, GMO studies, seed and chemical products, disease screening, quality control, food safety, and much more.

Please contact us, and our professional and highly qualified team of scientists will guide you through a bouquet of solutions, tailored to your testing needs.


A team of expert scientists are available for consulting on a wide variety of topics

Data Analysis

We are able to analyse data on your behalf

Contract Research

Our team of expert scientists are available to perform contract research on selected projects

Method Development

We can provide method development on selected projects


In order to perform testing at your own facility, we offer a range of products and instruments to aid you in creating the best testing environment according to your needs. Please contact us for more information and assistance.

Eurofins GeneScan Test Kits

ELISA and GMO kits

Anchor Germination Paper

Seed germination paper

The Bolt Automatic Analyser

Automatic ELISA+CLIA processor

Ultra-thin Layer Isoelectric Focusing (UTLIEF) Gels

Available at different pI ranges customised according to your needs