Microbiology Open Day

Molecular Microbiology

Ultra-sensitive Listeria testing within 24 hours now available 


The opening of our microbiology laboratory occurred in perfect timing to support clients with the recent Listeria outbreak in South Africa. SciCorp Laboratories will offer rapid microbiology tests where clients will receive their results within 24 hours after arrival of samples in Pietermaritzburg. Testing started with Listeria, and the list will soon expand to include all major foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella (S. enteritidis and S. typhimurium), and shiga-toxin-producing E. coli (STEC).


We launched our new capability with a bang

On the 27thof June SciCorp entertained members of our community and the food industry at our head office in Pietermaritzburg. Upon arrival, visitors got to meet each other and network over a cup of tea, after which our first speaker and managing director, Dr Tertia Erasmus, introduced the team and took visitors through a presentation on who we are and what we do. Next, local expert in quality control, Ann Gregory, informed visitors of the importance of proper microbial testing in the food industry, based on (sometimes scary!) real-life situations she came across in her career. 


Visitors were treated to atour of our microbiology, molecular and seed labs where they had the opportunity to experience our day to day activities and engage in interesting conversations and spontaneous Q&A sessions.




About our Rapid Microbiology tests

  • The test is based on the real-time PCR technique, which allows for accurate detection of very low levels of Listeria (1-3 CFU).
  • Listeria: simultaneous distinction between Listeria monocytogenesand other Listeria species.
  • Both environmental and product samples can be submitted.
  • Positive results are verified on selective media.
  • Enumeration are available upon request.
  • Kits are AFNOR and AOAC certified.
  • Our lab is SANAS accredited for GMO detection, soon also for Microbiology.
  • Results are available within 24h of arrival in Pietermaritzburg.
  • Samples can be submitted in Brackenfell or Pretoria.



Read more about what SciCorp and other industry members had to say about Listeria testing in an article in the South African Food Review magazine.